RAF Music Services

We provide a array of Audio Services, from production and custom-made music, to recording/engineering and track mixdowns. 
We use some of the latest and up-to-date plugins, software and hardware, with a Producer/Engineer who has been working over a decade in the industry, working with artists such as Dining Table UK, Prowler, Leemz, Dary Black Diamond  (ESP), H20, Skyva, Steamaz & Tracer among others
Production Licenses: (compositions or Instrumentals that are licensed out to an individual or group for any purpose)
  • Leasing License 
  • Exclusive License 
  • Original/ Custom Beat

Services Price List:

Leasing License: £60

  • Non Exclusive Leasing Lease of Beat Without Tag,
  • MP3 and WAV without Tag delivered to email
  • Up To 10,000 Audio Streams
  • 1,000 Distribution Copies

Exclusive License: £100

  • Exclusive License of Beat No Tag
  • Untagged MP3 + WAV Files,
  • WAV Track Stems
  • Unlimited Streams and Distribution
  • Split Publishing Rights 50/50

Custom Made Beats: £120+

  • Get an original beat made from scratch to your specification (T& C’s apply)
  • Split Publishing Rights

Full Production Deal {Custom Made Beat, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered}: (Negotiated Case By Case)

Note: Any samples the beats contain must be cleared. We will notify you if a beat contains a sample, however it is not our responsibility to clear any samples for ANY licensed beat. For custom made beats and full production deals, any sample clearing may be shared depending on the type of deal


Recording + Mixdown Engineering: £20 per hour

(Minimum 2 hours) London Only, Studio Session booked at a Pirate Studio in London)

[Please Contact for availability by email. Click rafbydesign or send to officialrafbydesign@gmail.com

Track Mixdown/Edit: £40 per track (Externally, Mixed in Home Studio]

  • Full Mixdown & Master of your session on Pro Tools
  • ZIP Folder of Track with WAV Files sent to your email or Cloud Storage
  • Up to 3 Revisions

Other Vocal/Voiceover/Podcast/Audio Editing: from £20 per track (contact us for  your specific needs for a specific rate)