All About RAF

RAF By Design was created to be not just a brand or label. We are a new company born out of U.K. Hip-Hop Culture. Embodying Music, Street Art, Fashion and Design and we look to inspire our generation and represent our culture. This page features products from the RAFByDesign clothing range and the sub brand, HipHop100 clothing

Starting in 2016 by creator Raw Trexx, his vision was simple: to create a company which represents the culture in a way similar to Ecko or Supreme, where their reputation within their field is about authenticity, rather than being a soulless fashionable/luxury brand label who follows the trends. RAF By Design are not here to copy, but innovate, in small but meaningful steps.

 Going into 2020, RAF By Design will continue building on its Music and Design Sectors, whilst pushing the envelope with new innovate products and services. Even this website will be receiving unique updates soon. Until then, feel free to browse and let us know what you think


The RAF Team