Graphic Design Services

We provide a array of Design Services, from creating logos to animated GIF's and everything in-between. 
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Logo Design: Custom text and symbol image created

Black & White: £50| Colour: £60


Example: Table Time Podcast Logo, Mono and Colour


2D Character /Mascot Design: Single Character

Line Art Only: £45| Black & White: £50| Colour: £60


Colour Character with Detail Effects (Highlights/Shadows): £90

Colour Character w/Background: £100

Colour Character with Detail Effects & Background: £120

Extra Character: £30 per additional character


Example: Single Colour Character with Highligts/Shadow Effect with Background


Leaflets/Flyers* (Up to A4 Size): 1 Side: £50| 2 Sides: £60 

Posters: A4 Size: £50| A3 Size: £60| A2 Size: £70


Brochures/Menus: 1 Side: £50| 2 Sides: £60| 4 Sides: £80| Additional Sides: £10 per side

Example: J's Kitchen & Grill


Music Single/Album/Mixtape Cover Design: Single 1 side design of an album/mixtape/single cover for music artists

Cover (Simple): £50| Cover (Advanced): £80


Back Cover/Track Listing: £20

Cover + Social Media Banners + Icons (For 1 Platform): £100

(For Multiple Platforms): £150


Example: Kodak Cover, A. Staxx, Fend & Yohan


Sticker Design: Custom made Sticker Design

1 Colour: £50| Full Colour: £60


Banner Design: Original physical banner design made from scratch

Design: £60


Custom Font/Symbol Design: Custom made font or symbol

Design: £60


Pattern Design: Custom repeating pattern designed from scratch

Design: Starting from £60


Background Design: Custom made Background (Up to A4 Size)

Simple: £70| Advanced: £100



Business Card Design: Customised business card with key company information added

1 Side Design: £55| Double Side Design: £60


Product Template/Mockup Design: 2D Mockup design of how your chosen product will look

Price: £80


Packaging Design: Custom package design for your product

Price: £80


Advert Photos: Advert made photos based from your images

Price: Single Image: £50| 2-10 Images: £30 per image| 11-20 Images: £25 per image| 20+ Images: Enquire With Us

Promo Videos: Customised advertisement video of your service/product. Note we don't shoot full adverts

Starting from £100


Merchandise Design: Provide a design to use on your product/service

Per Design: £60




GIF Design: Custom looping image made to specifications. Enquire first to find out. 


Lyric Video: Creating a video with audio and text based lyrics


Photo Editing: (Per Image)

Retouch Only (Enhancing the image quality/clarity only): £30

Filter/Hue/Tone/Vibrance Edit: £40

Single Colour Edit: £50

Custom Editing (for everything else): Starting from £60


Watermark Services: Custom made watermark designed to protect your images

Price: £50


Social Media Banner: Custom Banners/Icons for social media

1 Platform: £30| Multiple (Up to 5) Platforms: £60


Note: Any logos/pictures provided to us to use within your design must be your own original content or you must have permission from the rights owner.