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RAF By Design is also a independant label showcasing the best in UK Music Production and Hip-Hop Music. Take a look at our releases and special offers  

RAF By Design Official Releases

 Artist: Trexx

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No Pleasure No Pain 

Cover- No Pleasure No Pain

1. No Pleasure No Pain (Prod. by P.K.)


Journey (Remix)

Cover- Journey Remix

1. Journey (Remix)

2. Journey (Remix) (Instrumental)

3. Journey [Original]


Mixtapes & Projects

Str8 Out  Da Lab Mixtape

Released April 29th 2022

Trexx- Str8 Out Da Lab Cover


1. Crunchtime

2. Pree It All (Feat. Fend)

3. Come Up

4. Down

5. Street Savage

6. Corrupt

7. Strictly Business (Feat. K. Simmz)

8. War (Feat. K. Simmz & Fend)

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Producer (Raw Trexx)

Beats On Lockdown (2020)

Raw Trexx- Beats On Lockdown Cover

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RAF Beat Pack Instrumentals Volume 1 (2019)

Raw Trexx- RAF Beat Pack Instrumentals Vol 1 Cover


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