What Is RAF?

RAF By Design is an exciting, new company that is part Music, part Design. 

RAF By Design was created to be not just a brand or label. We are a new company born out of U.K. Hip-Hop Culture that embody Music, Street Art, Fashion and Design We offer a range of Designs services ranging from logo design to album artwork, and a unique diverse range of products including clothing and accessories, canvas prints and posters. We also offer Music Services as a Production Label who provide production for purchase and recording/mixdown services for musicians.

For music we operate as our own Record Label and Production House, releasing our own music independently ,as well as offering our productions for use on Beatstars.

We have our clothing sub-brand, HipHop100 producing authentic streetwear clothing and we also operate our Design Services for any clients wishing to have their logo of their company done in a professional, timely manner.

We plan to expand our range of products and services, so we can do a wide spectrum of Music, Art, Design services.